Doncaster History

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  1. Eddie Grimes says:

    I have been metal detecting many years ago on that field and found alot of iron work in one particular area, this includes, nails and fixings and some rather peculiar looking pieces. I still have them bagged up in the garage. A man named Smithy gave me permission, I believe he may have died now. I also found one coin that I believe to be a groat but i’m not overly sure as it is in very bad condition.
    If you manage to get permission to do a survey I would love to join you down there to try my hand again at a little more detecting.
    Good luck, Eddie.

  2. Monyincotly says:

    this is a test

  3. I used to work at Scawsby Hall Farm in the early 90’s for John Harrison. Although it wasn’t for very long it seems now like a lifetime. Mrs Harrison used to work from the kitchen in that massive house and we used to work out of the fold yard in the middle. We used to eat our snap in one of the stables sat in old land rover seats with mice running about our feet.
    The farm is now a pub and a garden centre. The fold yard is the beer garden and the tool sheds are now the main bar area. The stable where we used to eat our snap is now used to house a couple of goats that they have roaming around the beer garden.
    It’s a little sad to go to the pub now when I have such fond memories of it as it was. But thats progress I am told.

    • Roger Luffman says:

      To me as an amateur archaeologist and former Scawsby resident the interesting thing at that area is the likelihood that the shrunken medieval village of Scawsby exists in the field opposite the hall. Any chance of an excavation? I would try to return for it.

      • dgaadmin says:

        Philip Langford has been trying to get me to organise something for a while now. Someone might agree to a survey of the site and then if that showed up anything they might be curious enough to let us do some test pits. I’ll see what I can do ………..

  4. dgaadmin says:

    Ok, I’ll start the ball rolling and add a personal story or memory every couple of days.
    When I was about 8 me and my brother used to play inside the old mill in Bentley. As i recall the floor inside was very uneven as if the ground floor had collapsed into the cellar. There were millstones lying in the grass outside and pipes ( big enough to crouch in) leading under the mill from the dyke.
    They put a brand new roof on it and shortly after they knocked it down. strange.
    I also remember playing on the bandstand in Bentley park. The floor was made of wooden boards and you could get through gaps in the boards and play underneath.
    Anyone else remember stuff that I have forgotten. Add to this discussion.

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