Donny Pub and Club Reviews

Over the next few weeks Doncaster Forum is reviewing the nightlife and pub & club scene in Doncaster, particularly those in the centre of town. You will be offering a brief write up of 3 venues at a time until we’ve got loads of reviews for most of them. You need to be including things like value for money, cleanliness, speed of service, quality of music, security and the general experience.

Just fill in the comment box at the bottom of the list and click to send, remembering to write the name of the venue you are reviewing.

Well kick off with these 3:


Che Bar


Click on leave a comment at the top of the page to start reviewing.


2 Responses to Donny Pub and Club Reviews

  1. All 3 of the above pubs are full of kids, if you are 30+, you WILL feel old!!!

    • dgaadmin says:

      well lets review all pubs then. What about The little plough or the masons, or write a short review of the pub (s) you go to. We need to start threads so that people can counter comment. Thanks for your comment though, I’m a little out of touch myself so it was a good insight for me.

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